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10 - 15 June 2019

Collecting Milan

The World Congress of Dermatology 2019 will be held in Milan, a compact city with both history and innovation in it. Historical landmarks and skyscrapers coexist in this city life: a city with strong roots but always looking to the future.

Our aim is to stimulate interest towards Milan raising the expectation of participants by narrating Milan’s own wonders.
For this reason we designed an object that has the goal of getting users more actively involved and attract them thanks to one of Italy’s most important values: the beauty of the artistic heritage.

We illustrate the story of Milan by exploiting its most relevant monuments and futuristic buildings. The city is represented through several magnets sketched as real design objects.

It will be possible to collect these magnets during the events to come as the WCD 2019 event approaches. The Project’s aim is to turn the gadget activity into a collecting one by highlighting both the charm and quality of the object itself.

Bosco Verticale/Vertical Forest


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Vienna, Austria

The first example of a ‘Vertical Forest’ (il Bosco Verticale) was inaugurated in October 2014 in Milan in the Porta Nuova Isola area, as part of a wider renovation project led by Hines Italia. Milan’s Vertical Forest, designed by Stefano Boeri, consists of two towers of 80 and 112 metres.

Features and curiosities of the “Vertical Forest”:

The Vertical Forest hosts 480 large and medium trees, 300 small trees, 11,000 perennial and covering plants and 5,000 shrubs.

The equivalent – over an urban surface of 1,500 m2 – of 20,000 m2 of forest and undergrowth.

The Vertical Forest increases biodiversity. Being able to be inhabited by birds and insects, it constitutes a spontaneous factor for repopulating the city’s flora and fauna.

The Vertical Forest helps to build a microclimate and to filter fine particles contained in the urban environment since the plants produce humidity, absorb CO2 and particles, produce oxygen.

The vertical forest is a new symbol in a new Milan. Awards: “International Highrise Award” “Best Tall Building Worldwide for 2015”


General Information

General Information

Welcome to Milan. Welcome to WCD2019. Find out everything there is to know about Milan and the 2019 World Congress of Dermatology. Discover the city and its treasures.

Milan on the Budget

Milan on the Budget

Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy one of Europe's most elegant cities while on a budget.