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10 - 15 June 2019

Special requests

Name changes

Name changes are possible during the pre-registration period only. Therefore no name change requests will be accepted on-site.
Name changes should be processed only between delegates belonging to the same registration category.
Participants belonging to different registration categories processing a name change will not be entitled to reimbursement if the fee paid by the old delegate is higher than the new participant fee (e.g. ILDS Members replacing Non-Members. This will be applied to any registration category).
Participant replacing a delegate registered with a lower registration fee is requested to pay the difference between his registration fee and the old delegate one (e.g. Non-Members replacing ILDS Members).

Name changes can be requested via email by the registration owner to the Registration Department. Each name change will cost € 50,00.

Important Notes

Participants submitting and paying their registration incorrectly will not be entitled to reimbursement. For example, participants registering as Non-members and (at a later stage) becoming ILDS Members are not entitled to request a reimbursement of the difference between the two fees. Nor if, despite being active ILDS Members, they create a new profile and register themselves as Non-members. This will be applied also to Third Parties/Group Administrator processing the registration for their delegates incorrectly.

Invalid Membership status cannot be accepted: the WCD team will check its validity. In case of invalid declaration the registration fee will be automatically updated to the Non-Member full fee.

On-site, for the re-printing of forgotten/lost/stolen badges, € 50,00 will be charged.

These general conditions are part of the “Registration Terms and Conditions” published on this website, which are to be considered as the legal basis for all registrations. Verbal agreements are not binding, unless confirmed in writing.

General Information

General Information

Welcome to Milan. Welcome to WCD2019. Find out everything there is to know about Milan and the 2019 World Congress of Dermatology. Discover the city and its treasures.

Milan on the Budget

Milan on the Budget

Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy one of Europe's most elegant cities while on a budget.